4-Step Registration Process

Shark Club

 5-Step Registration Process

Step 1                                               Liability Waiver

Please click on link and fill out liability waiver

Step 2                                           Accounting Fee



Step 3                                          New Player Start up Fee-$200


New Uniform

Practice Uniform

Sharks Gear

Player Insurance

Admin Fee


*One-time fee for all players who are new or did not play in the Winter, Spring Seasons.

Please make Start-up fee payment before signing up for monthly fee.

Step 4                               Uniform Order Form (Step 3 Must be completed)



Step 5                                       Monthly Club Fee-$100.00


Club League Registration

Practice facilities

Monthly Coaching Fees


Monthly Fee Set-up click here!


*Initial month is paid in advance online and collected by automatic billing every month. We will not accept monthly fees in person or by request methods due to difficulty of tracking and collecting. Please note that every season has a total cost of $300 that is divided into 3 monthly installments.

The Third payment collected might happen before season ends or even a couple weeks after last game due to a team not making playoffs.



Other Fees To Be Aware Of

-Adult Entrance to club leagues and tournament games ($2-$5)


-Parking Fees at tournaments ($8-$12)


-*Optional tournament registration fees- ($37-$160)


-*Optional Shark Camps- ($150-$250)


*These are events that exceed initial camp or tournament included in the monthly fees