Spring Game Schedules

Rule of thumb: Always check game schedules early in the week and then double check schedules Friday night


4th Division:

Sharks Black-10u– Sol A- Mostly Sunday Games

Sharks Grey-10u – Sol C/Gold -Mostly Sunday Games

Sharks Blue-10u  Thrive D Mostly Saturday Games


5th Division:

Sharks Black 11u-Sol A-Mostly Sundays

Sharks Blue-11u Sol C Silver- Mostly Sunday Game

Sharks Grey-11u– Thrive D -Mostly Saturday Games


6th Division:

Sharks Black-12u Sol A- Mostly Sunday Game

Sharks Grey-12u Sol C/Silver-Mostly Sunday Game

Sharks Blue-12u– Thrive B-Mostly Saturday Games


7th Division:

Sharks Black-13u – Sol Mostly Sunday Game

Sharks Blue-13u -Sol Mostly Sunday Game

Sharks Grey-13u – Thrive Mostly Saturday Games


8th Division:

Sharks Blue-14u – Thrive Mostly Saturday Games


High School:

Sharks-15u – Sol Mostly Sunday Game


Tourney Only Teams:

Sharks Elite-14u- Tourney Team

Cali Select 15u-Tourney Team

Cali Select 16u- Tourney team

Cali Select 17u- Tourney Team


ASAP League:

Please Use “ASAP Calendar For all Game Updates”